Photographer: Bethany McNaught
Location: Worcester, MA

I've been struggling to find my niche in photography for the past year. I started with nature and moved on to people after seeing all the beautiful editorial, beauty, fashion, wedding (etc, etc) photos by my fellow BFP. I did try shooting and editing people for the past year. However, I think I want to move toward food/ product photography. I have certain days I can shoot when my boyfriend's mother watches our 2 yr old, and unfortunately, it was too rainy to go outside the day I did this shoot. I made the best of it, and did an indoor product shoot.

I have always loved food photography since high school, so I went to my fridge and grabbed some fruits and veggies for my setup. I covered one window with a black sheet used the glass from a picture I had framed and balanced it on my laundry hamper with a black pillow case under the glass. I placed the product on top of the glass. My lighting source was my Canon 600EXII-RT speed light mounted on my camera with a bounce adapter (Canon sba-e3) attached. I'm going to try a similar shoot with more natural light, but I like how vibrant the food looks for these photos!

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T7i lens: 18 - 55mm kit lens (UV filter) ISO: 100 F-stop: 7.1 shutter: 1/125- 1/200 focal length: 18-55mm or macro
Post production: Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

So now I'm in the process of rebuilding my website and attending YouTube University and watching ALL the food photography - related videos that I can!! Wish me luck! **If you're reading this and specialize in food/product photography, please reach out! I'd love to chat! 🙂

Thanks for Reading!

Bethany Emmi Owner/Photographer Emmis Images

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