Where are you located/based out of?: California Where did your inspiration for photography begin?: I initially started shooting sports photography because my son plays high level football. I knew then I was hooked. I quickly went from shooting families to second shooting a wedding, and once I was done I knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer. How would you describe your photography style?: I would describe my style as light & airy rich in color. I take on a very romantic vibe to my work but I also encourage my clients to relax and have some fun. Did you study photography in schoolRead More →

Photographer: Bethany McNaughtLocation: Worcester, MA I’ve been struggling to find my niche in photography for the past year. I started with nature and moved on to people after seeing all the beautiful editorial, beauty, fashion, wedding (etc, etc) photos by my fellow BFP. I did try shooting and editing people for the past year. However, I think I want to move toward food/ product photography. I have certain days I can shoot when my boyfriend’s mother watches our 2 yr old, and unfortunately, it was too rainy to go outside the day I did this shoot. I made the best of it, and did an indoor productRead More →

Where are you located/based out of?: Charlotte, North Carolina Where did your inspiration for photography begin?: I’ve always loved photography but never really thought of it as a career. I always treated it as a hobby until I attended a wedding and found myself watching the photographer more than the actual wedding. I just fell in love with it. How would you describe your photography style?: Not sure I have an actual style but I like for my photos to tell a story. I want to be able to see and feel the emotion. That’s my goal every session and to of course have fun.Read More →

Photographer Name: Symone SevenLocation: Atlanta, Georgia   This year’s black history month I celebrated for the first time as a young black photograpHer; So I did it the best way I knew how: through selfies. My intention with my art during that month was impact. I set out to create images that forces people to stop, acknowledge the present moment, and make a dent on their memory to shape their perspective positively. Like when I did my Nefertiti inspired self portrait, I wanted people to see Nefertiti as black excellence the way she deserves to be rather then the disrespected figure she was on that infamousRead More →

Where are you located/based out of?: Phoenix, AZ Where did your inspiration for photography begin?: My inspiration for photography began in childhood. I loved looking through family photo albums, and seeing my relatives in their younger years. How would you describe your photography style?: My photography style is “get it right in camera”. I work very hard on my settings so that my client will see him/herself as they really are. I work to flatter my clients so that they are pleased with the images we’ve created. Did you study photography in school or are you self taught?: I’m self-taught, but I did take aRead More →

Photographer: Bethany ErbyLocated in: Italy, soon to be Mc Kinney, TX My session was just quick headshot for a LinkedIn account. I have been studying lighting and posing a lot lately and this was a great time to put that practice into play. I had my main light camera left and a reflector camera right. Using m a 24-70 mm lens I used the lens distortion to my advantage to add to my images. The backdrop was hand painted by me. I enjoyed letting my creativity flow with this shoot as I usually only work with women and babies. Although this was out of my comfort zoneRead More →

Photographer: Cathy ForemanLocated In: Raleigh, NC Cathy is a concert photographer so she submitted  a culmination of images from several live music events. What she submitted is some of her favorite artwork, in recent years. She has either been truly moved by the performance or the artwork helped to truly show the energy and feeling of that moment. Let’s get Social!    Website: reflectionsbycathyforeman.comFacebook: Facebook.com/reflectionsxcfInstagram: Instagram.com/reflectionsxcfRead More →

Where are you located/based out of? : Las Cruces, New Mexico Where did your inspiration for photography begin?: I’ve just always been the person with a camera. I think I asked my parents for my first camera in elementary school. I just loved that I could freeze memories in time. I was a military kid, so it was important to me to always take photos of my friends, because I knew eventually that would be all I had to remember them by (due to relocating). When digital photography became a thing, I really got into it. Taking photos with no restrictions on film and processing wasRead More →

Where are you located/based out of? : Atlanta, GA  Where did your inspiration for photography begin?: My inspiration for photography started 7 years ago when I lost my mother and as I was making her funeral arrangements realized I didn’t have very many images of her at all and none were professional quality images. It made me sad that I would have to use a cellphone photo of my mother at her funeral. At that moment I wanted to help make sure that I used my talents to help other people get amazing photos of their family and friends.   How would you describe yourRead More →

Photographer: Donna FrazierLocated in: Rosenberg, Texas This was my very first boudoir session, part of a marathon. I was so nervous, but over prepared. I brought every piece of equipment and props to the hotel where we shot the session. My model is a very talented HMUA, with a big personality. I was surprised how shy she was initially and uncomfortable with her body. I thought she was beautiful. Then she changed into her outfits and makeup…WOW! I let her know how hot she looked and it was on like Donkey Kong! She absolutely ROCKED her session! She is my ideal client. She showed up, showed outRead More →