Photographer: Bethany ErbyLocated in: Italy, soon to be Mc Kinney, TX My session was just quick headshot for a LinkedIn account. I have been studying lighting and posing a lot lately and this was a great time to put that practice into play. I had my main light camera left and a reflector camera right. Using m a 24-70 mm lens I used the lens distortion to my advantage to add to my images. The backdrop was hand painted by me. I enjoyed letting my creativity flow with this shoot as I usually only work with women and babies. Although this was out of my comfort zoneRead More →

Where are you located/based out of? : Las Cruces, New Mexico Where did your inspiration for photography begin?: I’ve just always been the person with a camera. I think I asked my parents for my first camera in elementary school. I just loved that I could freeze memories in time. I was a military kid, so it was important to me to always take photos of my friends, because I knew eventually that would be all I had to remember them by (due to relocating). When digital photography became a thing, I really got into it. Taking photos with no restrictions on film and processing wasRead More →