The 2019 Photo Annual is now available! A special thanks to all the ladies who contributed to this issue. You can order your magazine with the details below. Please do share this with your friends and family as our goal is to spread the artwork of fellow Black Women. Funds generated from this magazine will go towards programming for the Black Female Photographers organization. 2019 Black Female Photographers Photo Annual By Black Female Photographers 64 pages, published 7/26/2019 Black Female Photographers is a group of aspiring and professional photographers who share knowledge and experiences with fellow women in photography. Our goal is to increase supportRead More →

Photographer: Bethany ErbyLocated in: Italy, soon to be Mc Kinney, TX My session was just quick headshot for a LinkedIn account. I have been studying lighting and posing a lot lately and this was a great time to put that practice into play. I had my main light camera left and a reflector camera right. Using m a 24-70 mm lens I used the lens distortion to my advantage to add to my images. The backdrop was hand painted by me. I enjoyed letting my creativity flow with this shoot as I usually only work with women and babies. Although this was out of my comfort zoneRead More →

Where are you located/based out of? : Las Cruces, New Mexico Where did your inspiration for photography begin?: I’ve just always been the person with a camera. I think I asked my parents for my first camera in elementary school. I just loved that I could freeze memories in time. I was a military kid, so it was important to me to always take photos of my friends, because I knew eventually that would be all I had to remember them by (due to relocating). When digital photography became a thing, I really got into it. Taking photos with no restrictions on film and processing wasRead More →